Download WHMCS Full and Bypass License Free

A check is performed every 24 hours to determine if new versions of WHMCS are available. If any are found, they will be published automatically.

Steps to Download WHMCS

The versions published here are 100% unmodified. You can verify the HASH of the files using the following tool: Toolsley Hash & Checksum. This ensures that there is no need to modify any files within the official WHMCS packages. You only need to add the "license.php" file. However, if you have any doubts, you can use a completely original package and then upload the license.

Please note that my work was aimed at providing a way to download WHMCS without needing to pay for a license (I like making life easier for everyone).

If you find my work valuable and would like me to continue developing updates for this site, you can donate a small amount via my PayPal link. Your support will help keep this site running, and I would greatly appreciate it. Without further contributions, this site will no longer be available after March 30, 2025.

Full Release

Version 8.10 is the latest stable release and is recommended for all new installations and upgrades. To view the license files go to the licenses section

LTS Releases

The following releases are made available as part of our Long Term Support Policy. Learn more

Patch Sets

Incremental releases are made available for maintenance and security related updates. These patch sets contain only the files that have changed between the previous release and the update and therefore can only be used for the version they are listed as being compatible with.

Patch Version Compatible With Release Date
Version 8.10 - End of Life Date: 30th April 2025
V8.10.1 V8.10.0 24th Apr 2024
Version 8.7 - End of Life Date: 29th February 2024
V8.7.3 V8.7.2 20th Jun 2023
V8.7.2 V8.7.1 26th Apr 2023
V8.7.1 V8.7.0 23rd Mar 2023
Version 8.6 - End of Life Date: 31st October 2023
V8.6.2 V8.6.1 20th Jun 2023
V8.6.1 V8.6.0 30th Nov 2022
Version 8.5 - End of Life Date: 31st May 2023
V8.5.2 V8.5.1 30th Nov 2022
V8.5.1 V8.5.0 15th Jun 2022
Version 8.4 - End of Life Date: 31st January 2023
V8.4.1 V8.4.0 21st Feb 2022
Version 8.3 - End of Life Date: 31st October 2022
V8.3.2 V8.3.1 29th Nov 2021
V8.3.1 V8.3.0 28th Oct 2021

Beta Releases

Beta releases are pre-release versions of the WHMCS software. Pre-release versions are intended for testing only. They are not officially supported and we do not recommend them for use in a production environment.

Pre-Release Versions:
Version Type Release Date
V8.10.0 RC 1 3rd Apr 2024
V8.10.0 Beta 1 18th Mar 2024
V8.9.0 RC 1 7th Feb 2024
V8.9.0 Beta 1 6th Dec 2023
V8.8.0 RC 1 28th Aug 2023
V8.8.0 Beta 1 27th Jul 2023


The following are license files for updated WHMCS, each file has a description of the version it is compatible with. These files will void the use of the license, but will maintain updates from the Official WHMCS servers without the need to purchase a license.

v8.10.1 06th May 2024
v8.9.0 30th Mar 2024
v8.8.0 7th Feb 2024
v7.9.2 28th Apr 2024

Installation Guide - License Bypass with Full Updates

I am pleased to share the result of my recent complete update project for the License.php file in WHMCS. Although it was a challenge, I enjoyed every moment dedicated to researching and simplifying the solution. Over the years, I have contributed significantly to this community, and despite my attempts to report this issue to WHMCS, the response was not positive. For this reason, I decided to share this solution with those who wish to use this incredible software for their projects

How does it work? Simply replace the License.php file in the location of your WHMCS installation, either before or after installing the software. The path is:


Feel free to enter any license number both during the initial installation and after installing it in the configuration.php file. Everything is verified with the License.php file.

I reiterate, with this solution, you can have a FULL WHMCS with all official WHMCS updates. (You can review the code; my approach was to maintain almost all original validations and adjust only what was necessary for the software to believe it has a valid license. However, all validations are performed with WHMCS servers.):

const LICENSE_API_HOSTS = ["", "", "", "", "", ""]; const STAGING_LICENSE_API_HOSTS = [""];

When you finish installing your license file, you must force the update of your local license, to do this execute the red "force license update" button that appears in: "whmcs_path/admin/help/license"

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask here: (I will address any issue as soon as possible.). You can also raise the problem in Spanish.